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Get Involved: Volunteer

Tired of the same old roles in your community? Try out one of these new YOUTH roles to see if it is more up your alley.

Youth Volunteer Recruiter/Youth Volunteer Coordinator
Get out there and reach other youth! Come up with strategies to get the word out about our events. Recruit youth to join your Chapter and make your meetings, fundraisers and education events become more funky and fun!

Are you friendly, outgoing, and creative? Are you comfortable using the internet and making phone calls? Then you’d be a perfect:Youth Volunteer Recruiter!
As a CCFC Youth Volunteer Recruiter you would:
Find and recruit new youth volunteers to the chapter
Work with the Chapter Volunteer Coordinator
Tap into new networks for recruitment (e.g., Facebook, schools, etc)

Are you a people person? Are you organized? Then you’d be a perfect:Youth Volunteer Coordinator!
As a CCFC Youth Volunteer Coordinator you would:
Welcome new youth volunteers
Help youth volunteers feel ‘at home’ in the chapter
Work with the Chapter Volunteer Coordinator to orient, train and recognize youth volunteers
Organize youth volunteers for chapter events

Youth Event Coordinator
Do you like planning events?  Are you organized and creative? Do you have friends you want to bring out to help your cause? Then you’d be a perfect:
Youth Event Coordinator!
As a CCFC Youth Event Coordinator you would:
Create and organize events to attract youth to the CCFC (e.g., Battle of the Bands!, dances, concerts, etc.)
Head an event planning committee
Oversee advertising, budgeting, and other planning details

HNW Youth Participant Recruiter
Are you friendly, enthusiastic, and outgoing? Do you enjoy meeting new people? Then you’d be a perfect: Heel ‘n’ Wheel-a-thon Participant Recruiter!
As a CCFC HNW-a-thon Participant Recruiter you would:
Start work in February and end in June/July
Work with the Heel 'n' Wheel-a-thon committee
Recruit new youth participants to the annual charity walk
Encourage past participants to raise more funds and encourage fun competitions on e-pledge, Facebook, etc
Distribute pledge forms to youth through schools, universities, community centres, sports clubs, etc

‘Tech Specialists’
We are definitely known as the ‘tech’ generation and are generally more savvy in using the internet, knowing the hot trends for developing websites and communicating through online vehicles such as Facebook and MySpace. Email us to join the WEBSITE TEAM to help update our website, create youth materials and keep our pictures current or get involved at the local Chapter level.

Are you computer savvy? Are you comfortable with audio and visual set-up? Then you’d be a perfect:Technology Coordinator! 
As a CCFC Technology Coordinator you would:
Set-up audio and visual equipment at events
Update the chapter website
Various technology or computer-related jobs as needed by your chapter

Education Coordinator: The Gutsy Generation Workshops
Use your event planning skills to organize an education day or evening for other youth. Reach out to newly diagnosed teens or keep university students updated on the latest research trends. Work with your regional staff to organize a 'Gutsy Generation Workshop'.

Download a VOLUNTEER REGISTRATION FORM and fill out the INTERESTS and SKILLS section so we can find the perfect fit for you! (If you are under the age of majority, get your parents or guardian to complete the PARENTAL CONSENT FORM too!)

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