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Well where should I begin? My name is Michelle Aubie, and I'm 23 years old. I love outdoor activities, my dog Pixie, movies and reading! I graduated with honours from Oulton's College in the Child and Youth Care Program some years back.

I like to think of myself as a positive, determined female. Before my diagnosis with Crohn's disease about 8 months ago, I was already having some difficulties in my life. I had been suffering from depression for many years and could not quite get a handle on it. My depression was affecting my life in many ways. The question of "what will I do with my life" was always on the surface of my problems and the answer always elusive. Then I was diagnosed with Crohn's. As I have mentioned before, my diagnosis was more mentally trying for me then physically. I felt even more restricted in life. I thought that I was going to be more limited then ever in my future choices.

However, when the new year came, I made a resolution! I told myself I will change my life. I'll make a positive difference, for myself and others. Adopting the idea that your future is in your own hands. I started taking better care of myself, changing my dietary and exercise habits. Started taking my medication more seriously. You see, at first I was in denial and refused to take my medication. After some time I started to dabble in the idea of a walk across Canada for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation. I proposed the idea to the foundation and they agreed to work with me. You can not imagine how happy I was. For a time after that I felt as though I was floating on a cloud.  Then the real work started.

I can't even begin to explain how much work it entails to organize a walk across Canada on your own. For a while I tried to find a walking partner without success. I did not let that deter me however. This goal has become very close to my heart. I have been receiving very inspiring messages of hope from others with IBD around Canada. It reminds me of why I am doing this walk and the positive affect it will have for myself and others.

The walk itself will start in Cape Spear NF, where I will journey 7,795km to Victoria BC. I expect to be on the road for 12 months. For company and moral support, I've decided to let my dog Pixie tag along! I am hoping to raise 100,000 for the foundation. Mostly I will be backpacking, taking only a hotel once a week for a shower and to update my website. ( I can now say that I'm on the right track, I feel happy despite my shortcomings. I know that anything worth while takes a lot of effort and determination to achieve. I hope to show others along the way how inspiring life can be. Look for truths, in yourself and others. Find your happiness and hold on to it. Finally, realize that life is limited in time but limitless in possibility.

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