Terms of Use

The primary purpose of the CCFC is to raise funds for research to find a cure for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). CCFC also has 80 volunteer groups across Canada which offer support to members through education and fellowship. The Foundation provides relevant information on IBD to patients , their families, health professionals and the general public through its education brochures, local Chapter Education Events, the CCFC web site and through its national publication, The Journal.

The CCFC does not have a financial assistance program for people with IBD. We do sympathize with the financial challenges associated with IBD, however the Foundation's highest priority is to find a cure so that we can eliminate these diseases. To that end, our limited human and fiscal resources are directed towards medical research in IBD.

The CCFC is not medically staffed and therefore can not provide advice on diagnosis, symptoms, medication or treatment. Information posted on the CCFC web site or distributed in our publications should not replace consultations with qualified health professionals.

The CCFC does not endorse or recommend the products or services of any company including those found on the CCFC web site.

The Gutsy Generation section of the CCFC web site contains links to other Internet sites. Such external Internet addresses contain information created, published, maintained or otherwise posted by organizations independent of the CCFC. The CCFC therefore does not endorse or approve these external Internet addresses and does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, efficacy or timelines of information located at such addresses.

All information contained within The Gutsy Generation section of the CCFC web site is the property of the Foundation. Reproduction, redistribution or modification of the information for commercial purposes is prohibited without the express written permission of the CCFC.

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