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If you are searching for information, then you are in the right spot! There is so much information on IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease OR Icky Belly Disease) that its tough to know where to get the right answers. What is unique about this information area is that everything on this site has been created by youth for youth and we can link you to some other hot web spots!

New to the IBD Crew? Check out THE BASIC FACTS.

Wonder what a TYPICAL DAY with IBD is like? Hear it straight from Elliott Gordon, one of our YAC volunteers.

Once you know the basics, there still seems to be a thousand questions to figure out and it seems as though EVERY area of your life is somehow affected- from diet to dating? Do you seem to have more questions than answers about your disease? We need to know how to survive (and THRIVE) being a young adult with a chronic disease. As if these years aren't already complicated enough.....

We can help! With the help of the first Youth Advisory Council of the CCFC, we have created two youth-focused BROCHURES to help youth live a successful life with IBD. Written from experience, these tips and tricks of the trade will help you navigate your way through school, sports, family and friendships. Along the way we realized that a GLOSSARY would also help so we could get fast answers to finding out what BARIUM and FISTULAS mean. (Please Note: The CCFC is not medically staffed and the information tipsheets have been created by a volunteer team of youth. For specific questions relating to your disease, please talk with your own health care professionals).

It doesn't end there... we want your feedback ... did we miss something? Is there a question you would really like to ask?  Is something still unclear?  Knowledge/Information is power and we are living in a world where there is lots of information available.  Just be cautious of where you are getting your information from and know that we created this section to give you some tips and tricks on the road ahead.

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