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The Gutsy Generation is the voice of youth from 15-24.  We have unique needs and unique skills and the CCFC has given us the chance to become a meaningful part of the Foundation.The Gutsy Generation is about us and we want to find the best way to become part of the mission of the CCFC- to find the cure for Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis.

Even though Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD or "Icky Belly Disease") affects nearly 233 000 Canadians, it is not uncommon to feel alone. It is important to realize that there are individuals across the country who are going through the same experiences and feelings as you are, and that by connecting with one another we can achieve a sense of solidarity.

Yes, we’ve all got guts and WE are the young guts. The guts who are going through high school and moving away from home to start university. We’ve got to deal with our first dates and with surviving ‘frosh week’ on a gluten free diet!

In this section you will find ways to CONNECT.  So, whether you have IBD, or you know someone with IBD, or you are just looking to find out more information about IBD, this is the place to connect with others just like you. And check out the CCFC website for more info about our amazing organization!

We believe that youth are not only the future, but also the present.

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